Birth Injuries

Maine Medical Malpractice Lawyers

There are few circumstances more traumatic to a Maine family than having a child with a birth injury. However, statistics reveal that roughly three of every 100 births involve some type of birth injury. A medical professional’s failure to diagnose a mother’s condition and take the necessary preventive measures, or respond quickly to a situation like fetal distress or oxygen deprivation, can have devastating outcomes.

Elite Injury Attorneys NetworkNot all birth injuries are the result of a health care provider’s negligence, but if you had a baby who developed cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy, it may be the result of medical malpractice. If you live in Maine, talk to a lawyer with birth injury litigation experience from Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC.  He will attempt to connect you with a highly-qualified Maine medical malpractice lawyer to meet your individual needs—for no additional cost.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that may be caused by a number of factors, including damage to the brain. Children who have this condition have difficulty controlling their movement and posture. Cerebral palsy can be mild or severe, and is often characterized by involuntary movements and developmental delays.

Examples of medical malpractice resulting in cerebral palsy include:

  • Failure to detect an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck, causing oxygen deprivation
  • A traumatic delivery that should have been prevented
  • Failure to accurately read the fetal monitor strip
  • Improper use of extraction tools such as a vacuum or forceps
  • Failure to recognize the need for a Cesarean section, and ordering the procedure

Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is caused by an injury to the brachial plexus, the bundle of nerves that runs from a baby’s spine to shoulder, and down the arm to the fingers. These nerves can become injured if the baby’s shoulder becomes caught on the mother’s pelvic bone, and requires force to dislodge. The result is limited movement in the shoulder and down the arm that often heals, but can be permanent in severe cases.

Examples of medical malpractice that can lead to Erb’s palsy include:

  • The medical professional’s decision to induce labor with certain drugs
  • Excessive force used to deliver the baby
  • The medical staff’s failure to recognize the potential for shoulder injury
  • Failure to utilize proper delivery tactics to deliver the shoulder
  • A traumatic delivery that could have been prevented
  • Misuse of a vacuum or forceps

If you delivered a baby with a birth injury and you suspect medical malpractice, please fill out our online form and the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will attempt to find you a Maine medical malpractice lawyer to and help you recover the money you and your family deserve.