Anesthesia Errors Causing Brain Injury

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Whenever patients undergo surgery, a Maine anesthesiologist will often use a general anesthetic to allow for a pain-free procedure. Although anesthesia is safe for most patients, mistakes can still be made that have devastating consequences. Many anesthesia errors that happen are the result of medical negligence, and should not have happened considering an anesthesiologist’s training and expertise.

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Brain Damage Resulting from Anesthesia Errors

An unqualified or careless anesthesiologist could make a number of mistakes. For example, if he or she fails to recognize that a patient is over-medicated, it could lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest, resulting in permanent brain damage.

Sometimes nurse anesthetists are used during surgery to take over for an anesthesiologist. During the switchover, a patient may not be properly monitored, and this could lead to oxygen deprivation, ultimately causing a brain injury.

Another mistake that could result in brain damage is when a patient is incorrectly intubated, and the airway tube is placed into their throat leading to the stomach instead of lungs. The result is inflation in the stomach and oxygen deprivation in the brain, leading to brain damage. After about three to five minutes, the brain will suffer permanent, irreversible brain damage.

If you or a loved one lives in Maine and has suffered brain damage or other injury because of an anesthesia mistake, you deserve to be compensated. Please complete the online form and the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will review your case and work to find a you a Maine medical malpractice lawyer, if you have a valid claim.